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The First Fall (Incryptid, #0.6)

The First Fall (Incryptid, #0.6) - Seanan McGuire I think I’ve got the reason why I’m not jumping up and down over the InCryptid shorts, because I like the short stories, but I don’t love them: While they’re good glimpses into the Price family and their lives, but because they’re so short, they tend to gloss over certain parts. For example, with Married in Green and The First Fall, they’re both extremely important moments in Frances and Jonathan’s lives but because I haven’t really seen their courtship or their life with Daniel, there’s not as huge of an impact to me as a reader with Daniel’s death. I get the Price family’s grief, and it is a huge impact on the backstory, especially when you find out how Daniel dies…but because we only have one glimpse of Daniel in Sweet Poison Wine, I wanted to get a look into his short life to get that impact. There’s a lot set up in here for later backstory, but I wanted more of the grief and the immediate emotions rather than “Here’s what’s going to be important later.”