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Love You to Death  - Meg Cabot Another filler book, but again, one that develops the ghost/mediator rules and more characterization. (Yay!) I liked Gina finally being introduced in the series proper, it’s nice to see a non-mediator debate with Suze and the Ghost Mission of the Book, as well as how the “Cover for me!” system works in a full house. The hinting at Father Dominic’s backstory is really intriguing, particularly once you realize that Suze may be setting herself up for the same situation. My main problem in this in the RLS Angels’ justification for their deaths—that someone is jealous of the “popular/It Crowd” exclusion to the point of murder. It might be just me, but I do have an issue with a lot of the mean popular crowd stereotypes depicted in YA books (and this is coming from someone who was bullied and unpopular in high school), in that a lot of it feels very over-exaggerated and bordering on unrealistic at times. Other than that, this is another fun little filler book, and I enjoyed reading it.