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Confessions of a Bibliophile

An aspiring writer and bookstore employee with an incredibly bad book-buying habit... I'll read just about anything (so long as it will appeal to my interests in some way), but my main loves are YA and sci-fi/fantasy. I also like quirky history and science books and will book nerd. A lot. Currently in the process of weeding out my personal library. Find me on Twitter @princess_starr or check out my YA book, Snowfall, on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/240027
Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle - Beverly Bartlett Upon rereading this book, I have a much different reaction to it. Maybe it’s because I don’t read tell-all biographies, so I’m already not a fan of the style, but the narration came off as being catty when I think the author was going for witty. My main problem is with some of the plot “twists”—if only because there’s a twist at the end of the last twenty chapters. At that point, it stops being surprising and more plodding. (And some of the twists you could probably guess from the beginning of the book.) Also, the Springsteen references don’t contribute to the plot, and come off as more of a gimmick (“Cover Me” inspires a glove craze? Seriously?) and there’s too many pop culture references that come off as overbearing instead of witty.