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Twilight - Meg Cabot Continuing with the side discussion about love triangles, this is the book that really made me detest Paul. Not because of his reasons for travelling back in time, but because he’s such an egoistical bastard that he thinks Suze would attempt murder to shove her boyfriend’s spirit in his body. I…wow. I know the guy’s in high school, but come on, that is a logical stretch. Especially when that’s the first conclusion he jumps to when he reveals to Suze what shifters can do.Speaking of, the time travel powers: There is a point in books where I will throw my hands up and go “Fine, we’re going with it.” While I had a similar reaction to this revelation, I let my frustration slide since it was pointed out that there were side effects to using the power extensively. (Although on this reread, I wanted to see some evidence that prolonged time travel had an effect on Suze and Paul. Not massive problems, but just little things.) I did enjoy this book, though. I thought it was fitting end to the series, even though there’s a lot of hand-waving and deus ex machine involved. I loved that Suze got to be happy at the end, seeing as how much of her life has been hindered by her powers. And that Jesse gets to get to be old and snarky with her.(Anyone else find it ironic that that two books titled “Twilight” came out in the same year and respectively ended and started a paranormal romance series? Of course, I think this one is vastly superior. Vastly.)