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The Den of Shadows Quartet - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes I picked up this edition as I’m missing two of the books in this series. And wow, did it bring me back. I originally read the series back when I was thirteen, so picking it up again after some time was refreshing.In the Forests of the Night- While the writing is really stilted in this, it works well with Risika’s narration and you get the sense that you are reading the memories and current events of a three hundred year old vampire. The plot moves a little too quickly for such a short book, but I do like it. I love the world that’s created in the first book, and you really get the idea of the different power struggles and how different the vampires are from one another. Also, there’s a lot going back to Stoker’s idea of vampires in this (can go out in the sun, shape-shifting, faded reflection), which is always a plus in my book.Demon in My View- I think my biggest problem with this one is that Jessica is an obvious Author Avatar and it shows. While I do like the idea of the shared universe (given her quick cameo in the previous book), this seemed to be a little too on the mark for me. However, it does give an interesting perspective on the romance between Jessica and Aubrey, precisely because she knows that Aubrey’s a vicious bastard- I’m a bit okay with the relationship because Jessica has nothing to lose. I’m still undecided on the explanation of how Jessica knows what she knows (I had the same issue with its use in Persistence of Memory), but it works a bit better in this book.Shattered Mirror- So, Bella and Edward are star-crossed lovers, torn apart by their families’ feuding…wait, wrong books. (Although in the post-Twilight world, it’s really hard not to make the comparison.) I do like the fact that Nissa and Christopher have a definite reason for attending high school over and over again, and I like how differently you see Sarah react to them with the pressure of her family. I like the full introduction to the witches and their lines (which gets further explored in All Just Glass). The ending is a little sudden, however the sequel picks up right where it leaves off and goes into more detail.Midnight Predator-This is a much different book than the rest of the series, as we finally get away from New Mayhem’s realm and deal with other vampires. I like the world building and the fact that there’s a much nastier sort of vampires who will break humans any way that they can. However, this also leads to my biggest characterization issue in the whole thing—Jaguar is still presented and commented as being one of the good guys, but nobody (particularly Turquoise) thinks about him ruling a slave empire after we found out about his past. (Which in my book, um. NO.) Not to say it was a bad book, I do like it, this bit just put me on the edge.