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Queen of Babble Gets Hitched - Meg Cabot So, as I’ve been complaining a lot about this series as a whole and how it would work so much better if it wasn’t a trilogy. And I say that because the third book is completely different from its predecessors in tone. The set-up of this perfect, fairy tale life with Luke is stripped away and you have Lizzie making seemingly bad decisions and starting to stand on her own, both professionally and privately. I said in the last review that I was disappointed with Chaz’s storyline and basically forcing him into the love triangle role. While it still bothers me, I actually like Chaz as a love interest. He’s likeable, Lizzie’s comfortable with him, and you want him to win. And while Luke becomes almost pretty undesirable, he’s still someone Lizzie tries to love back. You see hints that he’s not happy with Lizzie throughout book 2—particularly at the end—but his behavior and actions become more unlikeable. The only thing I would have liked is that Lizzie confront Luke about the possibility of him cheating; it’s brought up twice, but doesn’t go anywhere.To continue with Chaz, I do like him as a love interest. He likes Lizzie, and is supportive of her whenever she makes a bad decision. I also liked the fact that he’s not into weddings, but not opposed to marriage. Even the ending felt a lot more believable with him and Lizzie deciding to just fill out a form than her whirlwind romance with Luke. One of the parts I really enjoyed is the expansion of Lizzie’s bridal team—I’ve almost always enjoyed the supporting cast in Meg Cabot’s books, and it really shines here. I like how Tiffany and Ava start off as know-nothing characters, but as the books go on, their real personality shows through. I didn’t like Ava at first, she felt too much like a Paris Hilton clone; but again, as the book went out, you got to see more of here.Speaking of supporting characters, I’ve been neglecting to mention Lizzie’s grandmother for the previous books. In those, she felt more like a side character who shows up and sprouts off a few one-liners with a handful of good advice peppered in. While I liked her, I never felt like she played a huge role in the plot. However, I really felt her presence more in this book. You get a better sense of how close Lizzie was with her grandmother, especially during the funeral scene. It seems a bit forced, but you get to the heart of Lizzie’s feelings and how much she misses her ornery, drinking Grandma. I mentioned that the series takes a surprising turn, and it does. Again, if the first two books had been combined, this would have been more of a shock, but I enjoyed …Gets Hitched at lot more than the first two, because it doesn’t go with the normal conventions of the first two books.