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Size 14 Is Not Fat Either - Meg Cabot The second book in trilogies are what make or break it. Fortunately, for a series like the Heather Wells mysteries, the books are largely stand-alone so you can pretty much jump in at any point without much trouble. If anything, this book really focuses more on characterization; specifically, some secondary characters start playing a larger role. The biggest change is probably Gavin—after showing up in one appearance in the first book, he’s expanded into the role of “Pain in Heather’s Ass.” He’s another really random side character whom I enjoy. The rest of the Fisher Hall staff get an expanded role in this book as well, even if characters like Manuel only exist to serve the plot. As for Heather and Cooper, not much has changed between them from the preceding book. I do like that Cooper gradually reveals his feelings for Heather, but firmly thinks that she’s not ready for him yet. Heather really hasn’t changed much from the first book. She’s a little bit more cynical, but very much still in the chick lit vein.The murder mystery in this book, strangely enough, feels more natural in terms of the motive. The set-up and reveal of the victim are grossly exaggerated, but once you figure out the most likely suspect, it feels like that it could potentially happen. The side-plot about the campus drug dealing is okay, and some of the reveals involving that feel forced.Of the three books, I feel that this is the weakest. It’s still an enjoyable book and I have fun reading it, but there’s not much that’s contributed to the overall plot aside from character building (and very weak building at that) and some plot development for the (currently) final installment.