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Big Boned - Meg Cabot As I mentioned in the last review, this series is very standalone; aside from Heather’s budding romance with Cooper, there’s really not much to keep track of from book to book.This is another one in the series where I’m really not a fan of the murder. It seems plausible and believable like the previous book, but it’s not really the driving force of the story. There’s a lot more focus on Heather’s romance and who she will ultimately pick; Tad or Cooper.Aside from my normal issues with love triangles, there’s another trope—one that I see in a lot of Meg’s books—that pops up. Heather waffles over a question Tad asks her, and everyone assumes that he’s going to propose, even though they been dating for a few months. Although Heather doesn’t admit that her first reaction, it is a little irritating. Just because someone’s tied down for a few months doesn’t mean that they should be married to their significant other also automatically. (Speaking of, I had a big problem with the massive pairing-up of EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. Not everyone needs a romantic subplot!)I do enjoy this book, but there’s really not much substance to it. There’s some character development, and a large part of the plot seems to wrap up character threads. As of now, it’s the final Heather Wells book, but you never know if book 4 is around the corner.