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She Went All the Way - Meg Cabot I didn’t pick up this book for the longest time, and after finally having read it, I can probably say that there was a good reason why I avoided it for the longest time. I don’t hate the book. Unfortunately, I didn’t like all that much either. It’s another very bland romantic comedy, but unlike the Queen of Babble series (started off bland, but managed to subvert itself), She Went All the Way is really bland. I’m talking oatmeal here. There’s nothing interesting about this book at all. Lou and Jack are the standard, c&p’d rom com protagonists who hate each other, but after defying death in the Alaskan wilderness, they end up falling for each other! (Gasp. That is so original.) There’s even a prolonged scene where they happen to stumble upon a hunting cabin and have a steak dinner with fine wine. And then they have sex, because, it has to happen.Nothing really happens in this book. There’s a whole kidnapping/murder plot involving Jack, but it doesn’t feel like these two characters’ lives are in danger, because the book’s more concerned with the UST then making the plot interesting. The only thing that kind of worked was that Meg Cabot’s tendency to shove as many pop culture references into one novel actually fits, as the characters all work in Hollywood—however, I was disappointed that she couldn’t make one film reference over thirty years old. (I mean, standard bickering love interests? We can’t get one It Happened One Night reference? Philadelphia Story? Classic Hollywood breathed this trope.) I also did like the fact that Lou gets her screenwriting break by writing action thrillers, but I would have really liked to have seen more of that side. Oh, and the whole Jack doesn’t commit to relationships, but he’s willing to marry Lou because she’s the only one he can see himself being with irked me. Really, I’d like to read a rom-com where marriage isn’t the only possible end for the characters. Aside from the several irks throughout the book, I really didn’t feel much about it. It should be telling when I have to look at the page count to see how much further I have to slog through. But it was so unbelievably predictable—even the surprise of who was behind the murder plot felt shoehorned in and really didn’t have any effect on the overall plot. And I didn’t have fun reading it, a lot of the book was a chore just to get through. I don’t mind a predictable and clichéd book if it manages to be brain candy that I can indulge in, but I felt like no effort was even made while writing this. Really, the only reason I can say that I’ve read it is because I’m a obsessive completist.