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Ghost of a Chance - Simon R. Green There are books that disappointed me. There have been books that I’ve torn to shreds in my criticism. There have been books that made me physically angry. There’s only been one that I’ve actually thrown at a wall. (The other book I wanted to chuck across the room, I couldn’t because I was reading store merchandise.)This book holds the honor of creating the rectangle indentation in my wall.The writing is terrible. I couldn’t think it possible to pad out 260 pages, but this guy managed it. It’s repetitive, boring, and abuses adverbs. The world-building is INSANELY weak—I have no idea what the hell these institutes do, aside from ghost-busting. Oh, and there’s telepaths, but nothing’s described aside from going into trances and have telepathic blast battles. While the plot had some potential, it’s underdeveloped and feels like a cheap rip-off of better books/movies/etc. There are only two locations in the entire book, which I’m assuming he thought up the one and didn’t want to bother writing about anywhere else. The action scenes are lazy. THE CHARACTERS. Oh my Lord, I could go on forever about them. Our main trio is nothing but a collection of clichés—the quiet nerd who’s secretly kinky, the douchebag smooth talker and the paranoid grump. None of them do anything worthwhile, and there’s no attempt made by the author to make them connect to the reader. The villains are a complete joke. When your self-described ‘femme fatale’ shows up wearing a PINK LEATHER CATSUIT and keeps talking about how “Daddy’s bad little girl is going to have fun,” she’s not threatening, she’s a joke. Her creepster partner is no better. Also, the “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours” scene between the villains is a complete rip-off of every James Bond-inspired gadget listing that manages not to be funny and only serves to pad because most of the gadgets (including the infamous pre-loaded incantation iPod) don’t even figure into the plot.The point where I threw the book with great force was when the Douchebag smooth talker falls in insta-love with a ghost girl who’s being tormented by the forces of Evil. And then he gets a Heavenly power-up. No. Fuck this book.Oh, by the way, I flipped to the end just to see what the deal was—Fenris is apparently the Big Bad. And the last line is Douchebag asking the Ghost Girl if she can transform herself into a sexy nurse.