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Page by Paige - Laura Lee Gulledge Sorta disappointed that I haven’t take a look at this sooner. (It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now.) It’s a quick enough read to breeze through, and it’s fairly enjoyable.I like that it’s a very relatable premise. Having an artistic main character write/draw/rhyme their story has been done before, but it’s always nice to someone else’s take on the concept. I like Paige in general. I like that she’s a very normal girl at heart, and aside from her art, there’s really nothing about her that makes even more special than anyone else. I like that she does worry about being too introverted and in her head so much, and I like the friendships she forges. Her drawing style is whimsical while also giving us a good idea of what’s going through her head. I think she’s in a very understandable position, being frustrated by her family’s recent move to Brooklyn and trying to fit in and make her mark without completely changing who she is. I like that the drama that does occur is more personal, and doesn’t rely on contrived friendship drama.That said, it’s an extremely weak story. While there is drama between Paige and her parents, I never really got the sense of the conflict. Paige’s parents only show up to add to the drama, and we never get the sense that there is this distance that Paige feels. There’s some clues scattered throughout that there could be a much larger story (such as Paige’s parents sleeping in separate rooms), but it’s never really expanded on. Even Paige’s grandmother, who it is noted that she was close to, doesn’t really appear often enough to get a sense of that relationship. I wanted to see more of Paige’s friends, and how they open up to each other. There’s also a few other plot points that seemingly come out of nowhere, particularly the ‘Agents of Whimsy’ which reminded me a little too much of Cecil Castellucci’s Plain Janes. I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad book, but I feel like it could have gone a lot deeper into its storyline and characters. It’s a very quick read, and a breezy one at that.