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Being Nikki  - Meg Cabot Book 2…not much better, I’m sad to say. (Ignore my original rating, please.)I kinda touched on the plot in my last review, but this is the book where the plot does improve. One of my biggest issues with the first book was that “Total amnesia does not exist in real life! Nor does it work that way!” and that Em had to screw up or not convince someone that she was really Nikki Howard. (Lulu’s theories aside.) So, when Nikki’s brother Steven shows up and calls her out on the fact that Em’s not his real sister, I loved that. I loved that Steven knew something really fishy was going on and he wasn’t going to be fooled by anyone. Em’s characterization gets a little better in this book, although not by much. I like that she does support her little sister’s decision to become a cheerleader, and that she’s willing to find out what happened with Nikki’s and Steven’s mom. And there’s a good scene with her and some other models joking before a rehearsal that I really liked. However, I still had my frustrations and there’s a lot of the telling not showing going on in this book as well. She’s also very contradictory, especially when it comes to Brandon/Gabriel/Christopher/random boy she makes out with. Em keeps saying that she’s not that kind of girl, that she can’t help the way Nikki’s body reacts whenever a boy touches her (do not get me started on this excuse) and she loves Christopher, totally! Em doesn’t do anything to dissuade this behavior, she just let the guys take advantage of her. Quietly suppressing rage here.I also really don’t like how the Stark plotline gets barely mentioned. It’s played up that Christopher wants to take them down (understandable, yet slightly impossible), and Em mentions it every once in a while, but so much time is spent on “I really really love Christopher, but I have all of this other stuff and you guys don’t understand how hard it is for meeee.” You almost forget that there’s a weird plot going on with the bad guys.That said, I liked the twist that Nikki was really alive, and I liked that Brandon finds out and decides to use this information to his advantage. Sure, it’s a little obvious, but it makes for new conflict in the next book. But like the first one, the moments where I facepalmed were a little much and lessened my overall enjoyment.