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The Boy Next Door  - Meg Cabot This book is very problematic for me. When I first read it, I really enjoyed the story. And then I gave it subsequent rereads. The biggest problem I have overall is the characterization. I’m sorry, but I have a very hard time believing that a professional working woman at the age of 27 acts more like an eighteen-year old when it comes to her romantic relationships. Nor do I think that she would have gotten away with some of her actions- such as placing false information, gossip column or not- with as little of a punishment. While I give the story credit for being loose and playful with taking a murder mystery and giving it a romantic comedy flair, the number of clichéd tropes that show up in the book grated me at times. (Such as Nadine’s plotline of being the fat best friend. Yes, she accepts her size 16 body, but she goes on for 200 pages with little development beyond “Omg, I cannot fit into my mother’s wedding dress!”) Oh, and the fact that everyone insists that Mel take back John after it’s discovered that he did, in fact, lie to her: Mel was completely in the right to insist that she couldn’t trust John anymore, and the roundabout way they make up was just too neatly-wrapped up for me. (I love Meg Cabot’s books, I really do, but there are some that I finish and go “Seriously?”)