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Every Boy's Got One  - Meg Cabot While this is a better book than Boy Next Door, I still had some massive plotting and characterization issues as I read through it. The overall story is cute—I do really enjoy the main eloping in Italy story, and there are some good moments with Jane—but the romantic story with Cal Langdon is what really bothered me whenever I was reading. The problem with the romance is that it’s set up for such the cliché of “I hate you on sight! Oh, but you secretly have a warm fluffy marshmallow sensitive side, but I still hate you! And you’re hot! I wouldn’t mind sleeping with you!” (Or as I call it, the Bennett/Darcy Hypocrisies.) This is also really bothersome for me, as whenever I read a “battle of the sexes” plot, it always seems like the guy in the relationship has to be a huge jerk throughout the whole story, until his change of heart, and goes “You know what, [love interest]? You were completely right! I’ve seen the error of my manly ways.” (For anyone who is intending a Pride & Prejudice feel: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Both Elizabeth and Darcy admit at the end that both of their actions were wrong. /tangent.) Not to mention, there are really glaring double-standards in this. For example, Cal’s whole backstory about how he married a woman after knowing her for a week and her cheating on him broke his heart….and the book ends with a couple getting together permanently having known each other for a week. But it’s okay, since Jane is a normal, average cartoonist and not a modeling harpy! A lot of the book is saved by the side characters, which makes it enjoyable, but massive grating problems with this.