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Ironside (The Modern Faerie Tales, #3) - Holly Black I ended up liking this a lot better than Tithe, mostly because I think Kaye’s dilemmas were a lot more drawn out in this. You really get the sense that she’s struggling with her mortal side and whether or not she’s truly going to go back to Faerie. Also, Corny seemed like he had a lot more to do in this book, particularly with trying to overcome his own fears and shortcomings. This is another book that dealt heavily with Court politics, and I liked how the two sides tried to explore and sabotage one another. It also blends characters from the first and second books seamlessly (although NEEDS MOAR VAL) without treading too far back on the previous plots. While the ending is open-ended about the fate of the Modern Courts, it’s a good conclusion to the series as a whole.