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Nicola and the Viscount - Meg Cabot While I’m admitted fan of chick lit, I’ve said to many people that I’m really not a fan of romances. (Yay, contradiction!) So, when I picked this up, I was a bit split on the book. One things I tend not to like about historical romances is the tendency to make the attitudes more modern, which is one of the glaringly obvious details in this book. Nicola being in charge of her father’s estate at her age (and unmarried) would not have happened, and her uncle would have been named the caretaker for Beckwell Abbey until Nicola came into her inheritance/got married. Also, she wouldn’t have gotten off so easily if she broke off a high-profile engagement; Regency-era gossips would have ruined her. Historical inaccuracy aside, I did like the book in the end, although the characters came off as extremely bland. There’s really nothing that drives Nicola’s motivation, her romances seem to be out of convenience rather than actual romances, and I really didn’t like any of the supporting cast. All around, it’s a very meh read.