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Nothing But the Truth (and a Few White Lies) - Justina Chen Wow, this was a fast read. A good one, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to be done that quickly. (And I’m normally a quick reader to begin with.) I did have fun reading this, and it’s a very light read compared to Girl Overboard. Patty’s self-identity crisis is far different from Syrah’s, and I like that this really touches more on cultural identity. Patty’s not only described as being physically awkward, but also emotionally awkward. It makes her feel a little more grounded. I liked that she has trouble relating to her friends and the other kids at her school, and a large part of that is because she’s half-Asian. I liked her budding friendships with Anne and Jasmine, especially since the focus is on more their support for each other. I also really liked how Patty began to open up to her mother, after finding out the truth about her father.That said, a lot of the book feels underdeveloped. After the revelation about Patty’s father, the rest of the plot clips by at an extremely fast pace. There’s several other plot developments, but they’re only touched on and never given full details. I wanted to know more about why Patty likes making up new words, I wanted more of her relationship with her Aunt Lu, I wanted to see her adjust more to math camp—there’s a lot that really doesn’t get developed. The book feels like it’s the first half of another book, aside from the last chapter. It really could have been a lot longer, and it feels like there’s a lot more to the story here.It’s not a bad book, as I did enjoy reading it. It just feels like that it’s not as fleshed out.