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Overbite  - Meg Cabot As much as I loved Insatiable, this ended up being a lot more of a disappointment. There’s a lot of things that I wished had gotten expanded on, or given more explanation. It’s not a bad book, but there’s so much more room for improvement that it could have been better.I liked seeing more about the Palatine Guard and how they work, particularly in regards with the Vatican. There’s more of bureaucracy feel to it, especially when it comes to the field agents and how they’re treated. However, it really bothered me that all of these other hunters and field agents are continually mentioned throughout the book, but are never seen. I wanted to know more about Meena’s friend Carolina and how they interact, but all we know about Carolina comes from second-hand information. (This is even more problematic when coupled with the fact that Meena’s other friend, Leisha, does not appear once.)The inclusion of different vampire species and further details into various demon “lore” within the verse were also a new factor that I liked. I wanted to see more of the Lamir, especially since their methods are a lot harsher than the European/Tepes line of vampires. The use of the Mannete stream was also an interesting MacGuffin that didn’t infringe too much on the plot, although it seemed a little too randomly introduced. (And I D: whenever it’s mentioned that the Jersey Devil ends up a casualty.) My big problem with the book as a whole is the derailment of the three main characters. I will say, I liked Alaric’s characterization a lot more in this book than the previous one. His whole checklist of personality quirks have been turned down, and you can really get the sense of his frustration and his inability to deal with people. On the other hand, Meena and Lucien spend the majority of the book moping, either over each other or their personal situations. I wanted Meena to stand up for herself more in this, particularly when she and Alaric leave their supervisor to deal with a potentially feral vampire nest. Instead, she goes back to New York and beats herself up over it. Lucien’s whole storyline basically boils down to “Meena Meena I love Meena mope mope mope.” I wished that he put in a more active role regarding the Lamir situation.The end of the book was a big deus ex machina with no explanation of what the hell happened. Meena has a whole big speech about how everyone has a choice between being good and evil and Lucien ends up purified and then he’s killed. And a broken-up Meena goes off with Alaric with no warning. I’m sorry, but what? There’s no lead-up, there’s no reason for all of this to happen, the other MacGuffin of Lucien’s mother’s book is never fully explained and the book just ends. There’s not enough to justify the book ending where it did.There are some good moments and some good plot threads in this, but they’re not well-developed and frankly, left me underwhelmed. I’ll probably read the next entry, and hopefully, the story will pick up in that.