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Princess in Pink  - Meg Cabot This isn’t a bad entry—I had fun with a lot of book five, and there is a sense of Mia growing up and getting out of her shell a bit in this. That said, I do have a lot of problems that start in this book; mainly, Mia and Grandmere’s characterization. While I can accept Grandmere being an exaggeration of royalty—used to getting what she wants, ignoring the demands of others—the whole subplot of her triggering a city-wide restaurant workers’ strike really feels too over-the-top and only serves as Mia’s solution at the end of the book. (And is also never directly resolved, which I have a huge problem with.) Speaking of, I’m not a fan of Mia’s motivation to get to prom with Michael. Throughout the first half, leading up to Mia’s birthday, we see Michael being an awesome boyfriend (why, yes, he was my fictional crush in high school, why do you ask?) going out of his way to do something special for his girlfriend, and Mia’s reaction boils down to “Aww, so sweet. WHY DIDN’T I GET A PROM TICKET?” It kinda lessens the ending of this book, as it’s all about what Mia wants, and not her boyfriend’s. Still, I did enjoy the book, despite my issues with it—I liked Mia being able to stand up and becoming a little more confident in herself, I liked Tina’s development in this book, and it serves as a good closure to the “freshman” books.