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Princess in Waiting  - Meg Cabot And now we begin with the real filler. The biggest problem with the Princess Diaries is that it’s supposed to cover Mia’s high school career, and when the first five books detail just her freshman year, there’s going to be some issues filling all of that up. That said, this is not a bad book. Yes, it feels like filler—given that the main plot of the book is Mia discovering her ‘talent,’ when she’s not obsessing over Michael—but it’s still a fun book. I liked that we finally get to experience Genovia for the first half, although I would have liked to have seen more of it in the series proper. This is another book with a ton of pop culture references, the most glaring being the “Oh I see what you did there” mentions to the movies and the books “based” on Mia’s life. Again, not bad, I really did like this volume, but I could really see the filler.