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The Strange Case of Origami Yoda - Tom Angleberger I went back and picked up the first book in this series. And I do like it, they’re very solid books for kids (probably more for the reluctant readers), but I think I’ll be skipping over “Darth Paper” and the future installments. I will heavily recommend them at work in the future, though.I have to point out the one main thing I like about this series—despite the kids being little middle school jerks (Lord knows I suffered through my share of them), there is a strong anti-bullying message and teasing kids for being weird and different. There’s definite growth with the kids’ interactions with Dwight, but it’s not after-school special “Everyone’s special!” shove the message down their throats. Which, imo, gives the Origami Yoda series a definite edge to something like the Wimpy Kid books. Yes, both deal with middle school jerks, but it feels like Angleberger is trying to push a more positive message to kids. (And origami. How can you not like origami?)