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Party Princess  - Meg Cabot As I’ve been hinting through my reread of the series, I am not a fan of book seven. While the last three books have been filler, it’s most apparent in this. The only purpose it serves is to set up a love triangle between Michael and JP (aka “The Corn-in-the-Chili boy”) for the next three books. There didn’t even need to be a love triangle; we can already see there’s problems in Mia and Michael’s relationship. She’s insecure about Michael being around more sophisticated girls; Michael has his own issues with his parents’ relationship; not to mention, their lives are very busy, so they don’t spend as much time with each other. That could have been a very interesting read, and different from a good chunk of YA romances. Mia is extremely self-centered throughout this. She doesn’t make an attempt to figure out what’s wrong with her best friend, and doesn’t understand why Lilly’s rightfully angry with her over JP. The rest of the book—the student council budget and subsequent Grandmere scheme to save the day—is pointless. Grandmere’s plot to put on a musical for a charity benefit feels like a continuation of book six’s take that by shoving in as many pop culture names as possible. (Also, I find it really implausible that Bob Dylan would buy one of the World Islands*.) The only thing that I liked in the whole book is the hint that Lana is not an airhead cheerleader, which appears for all of two lines. I disliked this book when I first read it (and almost made me swear off the rest of the series), and I still like very little of it.*If you've never heard of the World Islands, check out the Wiki page, it's a pretty fascinating study of decadence.