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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher I picked this one up at work after hearing about it from blogs and other magazines for the last month or so. I’m wary about picking up popular books, but I do try to give them a fair chance, and this seemed to interest me a lot more.As someone who has gone through suicidal moods for the first half of high school thanks to a large part of bullying, I did feel sorry for Hannah and what she went through. However, seeing and hearing the tapes from Clay’s perspective tended to make her into more of a Maniac Pixie Dream Girl type—I felt like we never really got the other part of her story. Clay still manages to idolize Hannah and treat her like “the one thing that got away from me.” It also didn’t help that Hannah’s approach didn’t feel like she was trying to get these people to realize what they’ve done, but rather to feel ashamed and bad for themselves. The fact that Clay didn’t really do anything to Hannah was a little out-of-place. I think the book would have been more powerful if Clay had done something, even inadvertently, to her. The gimmick of the tapes and the different locations was interesting, but again, there wasn’t that much done with them.It’s a good book, but I didn’t feel like I could take anything from it. I think the biggest problem is that Hannah does end up as a MPDG and her suicide doesn’t feel like it’s impacted any of the other characters. If it had gone darker, I think I would have liked it more, but because of the restraint, it doesn’t feel like it should be a life-changing book.