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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs The thing that intrigued me most about this book is the use of old photo manips and how they tied into the larger plot. I liked the use of pictures, although I did think there were points when the gimmick was slightly overused. I loved Jacob. He’s an interesting narrator, in the fact that you can tell he’s a normal teenage boy who’s been traumatized and is trying to get better. I loved his relationship with his grandfather, especially the fact that the two of them were still close up until the end of Grandpa Abe’s life. Jacob’s breakdown and resulting depression feels fairly realistic, and I like how he tries to find a reasonable explanation for everything that’s going on. I did have an issue about how Jacob acts with his parents; I can understand him being frustrated with them, but it feels like he’s a little too willing to leave them.The Welsh setting was both interesting and a little underwhelming. There’s not a lot of focus on the island and its inhabitants, until the plot called for it. I wanted to see more of the old-timers, and what they knew about the strange orphanage. The younger generation only works as either red herrings or comic relief, I wasn’t a huge fan of them.The orphans and their various powers were another point of interest. I liked how they all worked differently, and how they viewed themselves apart from everyone else. I wasn’t a huge fan of Miss Peregrine, if only because she willing kept information hidden. While I liked Emma, I didn’t like the potential shoe-horning of her in a potential romance with Jacob, especially given her history with his grandfather. The wights and the hollow-gasts were really creepy, and imagery of those (combined with the photos) were completely effective. My main issue with those were that they reappeared slightly late into the plot, and the reveal of one of wights seemed to come out of left field with no prior build-up; even his explanation for putting certain events in motion felt a little round-about. The atmosphere and world-building in this are extremely well-done, and I love the use of characters and how they interact with each other. There are some things that definitely need work, but overall, it’s a fun read that manages to wig you out at the same time.