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Flesh Which Is Not Flesh - Jessica Verday First off, hooray for Jess Verday for making this available as an ebook (and proceeds to benefit charity)! I heard about this during the Wicked Pretty Things fail, and was really interested in reading it.This story is down-right creepy. From the moment Cameron meets the Queen of Hearts up until the very end, I couldn’t shake the unnerved feeling of the story. There’s a lot of traditional lore that gets played around with, and I enjoyed seeing how Verday worked everything into the modern setting. I loved Cameron, I liked how he tried to outsmart the Queen of Hearts and manages to hunt down the requirements she needs. I also felt a lot for him in regards to his relationship with Wesley. Cam’s someone who’s been hurt, knows it, and wants to find out the reasons why. The flashbacks of their relationship felt genuine and tender, and, as much as I knew that it wasn’t going to happen, I wanted them to live happily ever after.If there’s one thing that I didn’t like, it was that I don’t really buy Wesley’s reasoning for binding himself to Faerie. I know there’s only so much room to work within the novella, but his explanation felt out of left field. I can understand why he did it, but a little more insight to his psyche would have helped out a lot. That, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Cam’s friend Len; she only really serves to gossip along with Cam right at the beginning.Overall, it’s a great little read that managed to creep me out and make me want to hug the protagonists at the same time. Go download this now.