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Fade Out (Morganville Vampires Series #7)

Fade Out - Rachel Caine This was from the “looked interesting, saved it from the discard pile at work” pile—I thought that it could be an entertaining cheesy read.If I had a major problem with the book, it’s that its number seven in an eleven book series. So, I’m walking into this blind. On the plus side, I was more interested in the backstories for all of these characters—how does Morganville work, how do newcomers deal with “Oh, hey vampires,” how did Claire end up in her current situation—and I’m actually going to look into reading the earlier books. Also, because I know that this is a larger series, it actually did feel like this was a filler book. There wasn’t really much that happened—the main plot about Claire’s new rival, Kim, getting kidnapped doesn’t show up until halfway through the book, and the whole explanation and resolution felt out of place. (But again, that also could just be me jumping in the middle of the series.)For the most part, I liked the characters. Eve was a fun perky Goth—I liked her reaction in the first chapter. It amuses me that Michael is the hot, guitar-playing vampire, and I did like that he has shifting loyalties between his mortal friends and the vampire hierarchy. Claire didn’t really click with me in the beginning. I like that she’s a science nerd, but her automatic dislike of Kim rubbed me the wrong way. I also didn’t like how Kim was very obviously set up to be an antagonist; the first reason we’re not supposed to like her is that she slept with Claire’s boyfriend years ago! (The whore.) It was the only really big misstep in the whole book. Oh, and to tangent off on characters that I did like—MYRNIN! Mad scientist vampire ftw! Yeah, I know they kept mentioning he was crazy up until about this book, but I enjoyed him.There’s some problems with the book, but overall, I had fun reading and actually really enjoyed it. I’m interested in picking up the first few books and seeing if I like them enough to keep up with the series.