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Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires Series #8)

Kiss of Death - Rachel Caine Unlike the previous book, this didn’t feel as much like filler, so I kind of enjoyed it a little more. Even though I’ve just started reading these books, I liked being able to get out Morganville and seeing how these sheltered kids (in a sense) would react to being able to go out of time for the first time in a while. It’s amusing to hear Eve talk about going to movie theaters with stadium seating as being a cool thing—and yet, actually somewhat realistic. (I know people in a stuck-in-a-small-town situation.) And even though they have to have an escort under Oliver, I do like that the kids try not to let their whole trip get ruined.Speaking of Oliver, he became a more interesting character in this book. Again, I need to read the earlier volumes to get a better idea of his character, seeing as he comes off as more of a hardcore vampire who’s unwilling to bend the rules. (And because of that, his hippie persona amuses me.) I want to see if there’s more to his character, and see where his development goes.The plot does lag a lot in this. There’s a lot of emphasis on “YAY ROAD TRIP” and the antics that the kids get up to in Durram. It does have an eventual pay-off, but I would have liked an earlier introduction to the messed-up vampires and the town of Blacke. Additionally, I want to see more with Morley—he just gets introduced in the previous book, so I want to know of his backstory and why he holds so much contempt for Amelie and the Morganville vampires.It’s a lot better than the last book, since it feels like the events will have a bigger impact in the overall series, and it was still a fun and enjoyable read. I look forward to picking up more of the Morganville series.