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The Rock Star's Daughter (Treadwell Academy, #1)

The Rock Star's Daughter (Treadwell Academy, #1) - Caitlyn Duffy An overall “meh.” It’s not boring enough to knock it down to two stars, but there were points that I did want to shout “Get on with it!”What I did like about this is that a good chunk of Taylor’s characterization is her dealing with her mother’s death and suddenly being thrust into her father’s world. It’s not completely explored, but I like that there’s more of an acknowledgement every now and then, and that while Taylor did think of her mother being irresponsible, they did care for each other. Plus, there’s a fairly realistic development in Taylor’s relationship with her stepmother and half-sister; there’s unease between all parties, but then they end up being friendly and supportive to one another. And Jill isn’t even horribly vilified to begin with.That said, there’s really not much to the book. It’s fairly rote fluff, girl dealing with sudden fame. There were parts that really dragged, bits when Taylor started acting out of character. It’s not boring enough to make me go and want to rip my eyes out, but it still drags. And there’s really not much to this book. The character development of Taylor was good, but the rest just dragged. Not really one that I’m jumping up and down to read. (Okay, so it was free in the Kindle shop. That’s my reasoning.)