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Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood Everlasting - Ann Brashares I’m a little wary of sequels or continuations of books, particularly if I thought the original ending was handled well. Repeatedly checking in with characters years after the “ending” tends to get repetitive and loses a lot of the mystery and the great qualities of the original books. So, when I first heard about Sisterhood Everlasting, I had some mixed feelings. Picking up ten years later after Forever in Blue, I did like seeing where the girls were as they’re about to enter their thirties. It was nice to see that most of them hadn’t changed from the girls at the end of the last book. (Although I did think that Bridget becoming a scatterbrain seemed a little too random; the rest of her characterization was spot-on.) However, throughout the whole book, it seemed like Bee, Carmen and Lena were keeping themselves in a self-contained rut. It permeates everyone’s story, and the discovery of Tibby’s death at the beginning only seemed to strengthen this feeling.Tibby dying and the general mystery surrounding it was actually handled very well, in my opinion. I liked that, despite the mounting evidence, she didn’t commit suicide, nor was it a random accident. I liked her giving everyone specific tasks to carry out, regardless of her original plans. In a way, Tibby served as the lost Pants in this book; the driving force bringing all of her friends together. However, it also shows how things like the Pants don’t work in the real world—while everything works out for the girls, it’s still a challenge to get everything scheduled so that they can do what they need to do.All in all, I enjoyed the book, although I do think Forever in Blue was a fitting end to the series. If you’re interested in finding out what happens next, by all means pick it up, but I don’t think it’s a must-read to round out the whole series.