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The Green Mile - Six Volume Box Set

The Green Mile - Stephen King Note: This is for the work as a whole; I own and have rated the individual editions. It’s hard for me not to give this a high rating, partially because there is some fantastic writing in this book. The bigger reason is that this is the first Stephen King book I’ve been exposed to—I saw the movie when it first came out, and then had to go read the book afterward and then it was downhill from there. As I said, writing-wise, this is one of King’s best. Even read as a whole volume, this works really well; even with the “Previously on” opening storyline of Paul in the nursing home has its own mysteries and revelations that work really well. “The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix” is still one of my favorite and horrifying sequences that I’ve read; the humor really works well here; and even the mystery of why Paul Edgecombe is seen as a wonder in the nursing home is really effective. This is one of those books that I’ll pick up a volume at random, flip to a favorite part and reread it several times, because it’s just that good. I don’t know if I still really like this one because it’s really not that complex of a story. The characters do have a fairly deep conflict, but there’s really not much to their characters either. Everything about The Green Mile is very simplistic, which works given that this was an experimental novel for its time. But King doesn’t treat his audience like idiots, and still give a good story. Here’s my one problem that just can’t leave the back of my head: John Coffey. TVTropes goes into this better than I can. Again, storywise, it’s not detrimental, largely in part to its simplicity, but you really can’t ignore it. Despite my one big problem with it, I still really enjoy this book, to this day. It would be easy to say that the four stars are for nostalgic purposes, but there are good things in it.