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Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan As the kids on tumblr would say “ALL THE FEELS” for this book. It’s a very short, poignant read, and a good jumping point for those just starting David Levithan. (Hooray I’ve broken my streak of reading books that Levithan’s cowritten!) It’s also a very sweet look at high school crushes, friendships, exes and a crazy little thing called love.To be fair, I was a little thrown out of the book when Paul talks about growing up gay and being sheltered in this perfect little hamlet where nearly everyone’s just okay with sexuality, and he never had to deal with bigotry. But I also did like it—it’s a stand-out from the majority of LGBTQ YA where the plot does revolve around coming out and bigotry and the issues sprouting from it. It’s refreshing to have a main character who’s comfortable with his sexuality, and it also helps with Paul’s character development, as he realizes how sheltered and loved he is. The bulk of the book (all 185 pages of it) is largely character-driven, so I do forgiven the lack of major plot. But I like it so much because I like these kids. They feel real, they feel like kids who go to any high school, and they’re not really a part of any discernible “group.” (Especially Infinite Darlene.) And they’re all just trying to find their way into the world. I really liked Paul and Noah together and I could see a lot of Noah’s unease of getting into a new relationship. I instantly get why Paul’s so smitten with Noah and why they would work well as a couple. Also, I really liked the dynamic Kyle brought in, it never felt like Levithan was trying to create love triangle drama. Kyle is very a kid who can’t fit into one defined role and doesn’t know who he is. And even though there is relationship drama between Kyle and Paul, once they talk and figure things out, it’s less about the relationship and figuring out Kyle and what he wants in life.As for the other characters, first off, Tony. My heartstrings. If anyone else had written this, Tony’s storyline probably would have overshadowed the whole story. That said, I really loved that he really does show how sheltered and lucky Paul was to grow up in the environment that he did. While I did like Paul’s other friends, I didn’t cling to them as much as I did Tony or Kyle. I did like Infinite Darlene, as she stole every scene she was in. I wasn’t a huge fan of Joni, but, I did like her storyline. I liked that Paul had to deal with the fact that his oldest friend was drifting away, and I liked that his friendship Joni wasn’t neatly wrapped up by the end of the book. It’s a nice touch that gives the book a more realistic feel.Boy Meets Boy is, at its core, a light, fluffy romantic comedy. I really liked that Levithan didn’t go the standard LGBTQ route and made this story like any YA rom-com that you could pick up. It’s a short read, and one I’d recommend to check out.