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An aspiring writer and bookstore employee with an incredibly bad book-buying habit... I'll read just about anything (so long as it will appeal to my interests in some way), but my main loves are YA and sci-fi/fantasy. I also like quirky history and science books and will book nerd. A lot. Currently in the process of weeding out my personal library. Find me on Twitter @princess_starr or check out my YA book, Snowfall, on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/240027

Zombicorns (Zombicorns, #1)

Zombicorns (Zombicorns, #1) - John Green While I can see the definite flaws in the novella, I actually quite enjoyed it. I'm a big a zombie fan, so any new version or explanation of "this is how this mess started" is always interesting to me. That said, corn-planting mind slaves are an...intriguing departure from the atypical flesh-eating zombies, but I did like that how the zombie apocalypse is started by something so ubiquitous that we don't even realize it. The ending was a bit off for me, and the narration varied wildly in tone at times, but for unpolished novella, it was a fun read.