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Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann While I enjoyed the Wake trilogy, I was really drawn to Cryer's Cross because the concept seemed to be a lot creepier and more claustrophobic. I really liked the writing in this- whenever Kendall got stressed and her OCD kicked in, you could really tell how she was feeling and that desperation that things had to be exactly the way they "needed" to be. Whenever they discovered Nico's disappearance, I really got drawn into the story and wanted to know more. One of the things Lisa McMann does really well is little details just to shed more light on characters' personalities (for example, whenever Kendall meets Jacian for the first time and is immediately suspicious of his appearance shortly after the first disappearance). I liked how the OCD actually plays a large role in the story, and not just as the enabler for Kendall or just a side trait, which is another thing that felt really realistic. My biggest problem with the book, however, is the resolution and explanation of the disappearances. (Spoilers ahoy!) It's explained that Tiffany and Nico's disappearing ties back into a school desk that used to be a whipping desk in a reform school. Which is never mentioned until the very end as everything is being explained. Also, throughout the book, you get passages told from the perspective of the angry spirits, but nothing really happens aside from them calling out to different characters. It also bothers me that the plot-important desks have been used for years, but it's only now that people are disappearing. I really did like this book, but the resolution left me really underwhelmed and wanted to know what exactly happened before the beginning of the story.