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One Hell of a Ride (InCryptid, #0.2)

One Hell of a Ride (InCryptid, #0.2) - Seanan McGuire Problem that I should have really learned by now: don’t read the prequels before reading the main stories proper. Which isn’t to say that this turned me off InCryptid, but going into the prequel without fully understanding the Price family history may improve a reread. (Yeah, I may have to do a mass reread of all the short stories at one point.)That said, I did like this, despite being unintroduced to the Price family to begin with and having not read the prior story. (Couldn’t find it on McGuire’s website.) I loved the twist on the Hellbound train legends, by diverting this specific train through a hell dimension and dealing with territory imps. I liked Frances and Jonathan’s banter, and they’re both really fun characters. (I kinda can’t wait to see the bigger impact that they have in the larger InCryptid verse with these.) I think that it would have helped to get more background on how Frances ended up with Jonathan in the first place, but this is still a fun, quick little read. (Although you may want to at least read Discount Armageddon first. It helps.)